Hey! My name is Stephanie, just a little bit about me before I jump into health and nutrition. I am a board certified sports dietitian currently living in Williamsburg, VA. I provide individualized virtual nutrition counseling and create personalized fueling plans to help my clients reach their performance goals. My services are a reflection of what I love to do. Helping active people develop a nutrition plan that focuses on infusing fresh, whole foods back into their diet to fuel performance. I understand food can be a stress, but I am here as a resource and support system to help you develop tools to achieve your goals!

I have a passion for food, fitness, and sports! My family is where my passion for food started, specifically with my grandpa. He was someone who could spend hours in the kitchen and eventually...one by one, every family member would be in there listening to his stories. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't laugh thinking about one of his stories. 


Growing up I played a lot of sports, but my main focus was soccer. As a young athlete, I was the one who was smaller, and struggled to eat enough to fuel my body for practice and competition. Doing my own research and working with my parents, I was able to jump back up on the growth charts and continue to build muscle mass and strength. This is where my passion for sports nutrition began. Today, my goal is to help athletes, both young and more experienced, fuel their goals one bite at a time. 

Callie Sue: My fruit and vegetable loving pup! You will see her pop up on my social media or she may break into a session or two while we are working together. She is 2 years old, and full of energy. Callie is a black lab with a splash of boxer and chow. I adopted her when she was 3 months old and just 15 lb from the North Myrtle Beach Animal Shelter, her name was Sue. I named her Callie, and kept the Sue because she is a southern belle. Callie is a gem. She loves adventure - hiking, swimming, running, the beach... you name it she ready for the experience. I mean, come on look at that little face! Love her so much.

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