Hey! My name is Stephanie!


My goal as a sports dietitian is to empower high school athletes to fuel their growth and performance while managing the challenges of a busy school and sport schedule.


If you find it challenging to keep up at practice, if your body is feeling sore and taking longer to recover, or if you are having difficulty fueling with strict school schedules, I am here to help. We will create a plan together that will help you improve your energy and recovery, strategically time your fuel around your workouts, and give you confidence to consistently choose foods to fuel your body.


As an elite high school athlete, I was challenged by my coaches and academics to find a balance, but what fell to the side was my nutrition. I found that although I was eating, I was not eating enough which impacted my growth as I continued to push myself on the field.  When I found a balance and added in the missing fuel piece, I saw a dramatic positive impact on my performance.


In college I studied dietetics at the College of Oneonta and moved on the complete my master’s in clinical nutrition at Stony Brook University. To follow my passion for sports and helping athletes in the same position I was in I became a board certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD).


Throughout my athletic and nutrition career I have seen the dedication, drive, and commitment that both athletes and their families have for their sport. When athletes make nutrition a priority, they are able to energize their workouts, improve their recovery, and set themselves apart from their competition.


If you are ready to reset your fueling plan and take your training to the next level, then apply for my one-on-one coaching program. One team. One goal. Fueling your success!

Callie Sue: My fruit and vegetable loving pup! You will see her pop up on my social media or she may break into a session or two while we are working together. She is 3 years old, and full of energy. Callie is a black lab with a splash of boxer and chow. I adopted her when she was 3 months old and just 15 lb from the North Myrtle Beach Animal Shelter, her name was Sue. I named her Callie, and kept the Sue because she is a southern belle. Callie is a gem. She loves adventure - hiking, swimming, running, the beach... you name it she ready for the experience. I mean, come on look at that little face! Love her so much.

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