Dear athlete,

I know. I have been there. You are pushing through training sessions. Focusing on school. You may be trying to recover your period. And just haven't quite figured out how to eat to improve your game and to support your body.

You probably have a lot of questions about performance nutrition, I know I did as an athlete. To be honest, I looked online and asked my doctors and pretty much got the same response "just eat more." JUST EAT MORE, that didn't answer any of my questions!

I have heard this exact story or very similar situations from many of the athletes I work with. Their doctors shared vague advice and the internet created more stress about eating than is necessary. They knew there had to be a better way, and believe me there is!

I have made it my mission to support athletes to help them learn how to energize their training, support their bodies, and build their confidence in fueling.

Imagine what a game plan for nutrition could do for your sport and health. It is time to learn to listen to your body and build your confidence in fueling your goals. If you are ready to prioritize your nutrition you are in the right place.

Womens Softball

Work with Stephanie

Competitive Athlete

Nutrition Academy

(Online self paced program +

team coaching)

The Academy is a learning community for high school athletes that will give you all of the tools you need to energize your training, support your development, and take your game to the next level with a fueling plan that includes variety and your favorite foods.

Elite Fuel


(1:1 Program)

The Elite Fuel program is designed to help you to ​overcome the cycle of under-fueling, build your confidence in nutrition and fueling timing, and take your game to the next level with the support of a Sports Dietitian every step of the way!



Elite swimmer now collegiate athlete

"I chose to start the Elite Fuel program with Stephanie because I was under-fueled and hungry all the time. Since beginning the program I’ve learned so many things such as what to eat and when to eat it and I’ve gained a lot of variety in my snacking and meals. I would definitely recommend this program and have recommended it to several athletes at my sports training gym!"

Rugby Players

Competitive high school rugby player

"I am feeling stronger,  even my coach is noticing!"

Two months later

"I made first team. With playing time!"


Elite Swimmer


"I was clueless outside of protein smoothies for my nutrition. In just a few months, I am adding in more fuel and am feeling much more comfortable with fun fuel!


Fueling is a big part of sport and the way you are eating can change everything."

Lacrosse Goalie with Helmet

high school athlete

"Finesse win! I planned out all of my snacks for my meet and saw a big change in my energy this weekend! 


My times improved!!"


Meet your Nutrition Coach

Sports Dietitian to Elite High School and College Athletes

Improve your energy and recovery, strategically time your fuel around your workouts, and take your game to the next level!

Your nutrition coach on a mission to empower athletes to fuel their training, recovery, and competitions with confidence.

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Fuel your body & training one bite at a time