Nutrition for after school practice

Your alarm goes off, you get dressed and shuffle to the kitchen. Looking through the closet you find something quick for breakfast and you are out the door heading to school.

After a class or two you are thinking about lunch. What is on the menu today? The bell rings and you head to the cafeteria and find a table with friends. You are starving! Breakfast fell short this morning and you have been thinking about lunch for a while. You are eating, chatting with friends and the next bell goes off… it’s time to head to class!

You are busy! From the moment you wake up through the end of the day you have a full schedule. Sometimes, nutrition is not the first think you think about. But the choices you make throughout the day impact your focus and energy in school and at practice.

Finally, it is the end of the school day and you are heading to practice. When all of a sudden it hits you. HUNGER. You ate lunch and had something for breakfast, you shouldn’t be this hungry. Right?

You absolutely will be hungry! As a growing, competitive athlete going hours between meals or skipping snacks is not ideal energy and focus at practice.

Start your day with a strong breakfast. Your plate should have carbohydrates, a serving of protein and some color from fruits and vegetables.

Performance plate for athletes, breakfast for athletes

Snacks are a crucial part to fueling! You should plan ahead and have a few snacks packed for between classes and right after school. This will help you maximize your performance.

Lunch time is when you charge your muscles with energy! This is your big meal before practice. The foundation of your meal should be carbohydrates. These foods are what help you push through practice! Then you want to support your muscles with protein and some color.

You ate lunch. Is this all you need before practice? No. It is important to energize your muscles with a last burst of fuel with a snack.

battery, energy for athletes, snacks for athletes, breakfast for athletes

Your pre training snack will fill up your muscle with energy so you can hustle until the very last second of practice. Your pre training snack should be simple and easy to eat. This isn’t the time for big meals that will cause your to be sluggish or have to run to the bathroom during training!

About an hour before practice, typically in or before your last class it is time to have your pre training snack!

You are fueled and ready to go to practice!