Fueling Performance Playbook (1).png

A fueling guide designed to help high school athletes understand the basics of performance nutrition and fuel timing.


I'm so excited you're here! Just by looking into the playbook I know you understand the importance of nutrition when it comes to sports and performance. Learning how to fuel can make a significant difference in your energy, recovery, strength, and injury prevention! 

Have you ever asked yourself...

How much protein do I need?

What types of carbohydrates are best for me?

How much should I eat after training?

What is a good pre workout snack?

Are there vitamins I need more of?

Should I take a supplement?

Are you looking for inspiration for...

Meals and snacks

School lunch ideas


Portable snacks

Game day fuel

Tournament fuel

The Fueling Performance playbook covers the basics of fueling your training and recovery and will help you start building your own fueling game plan.

What is Included?


70+ page e-book filled with information on...

  • Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

  • Micronutrients: Key vitamins and minerals for athletes

  • Hydration: Fluids and electrolytes

  • Performance plates: learn to balance your fuel

  • Snack timing: Pre workout, mid workout, post workout

  • Under-fueling: Signs and ways to prevent it

  • Practice day fueling guide

  • Game day fueling guide

  • Tips for eating at school

  • Recipes

  • and more!