This course was designed for Athletes + Parents of Athletes


I'm so excited you're here! Just by looking into this course, you understand the importance of nutrition when it comes to sports and performance. Learning the basics of fueling an active lifestyle can make a significant difference in your workouts, recovery and injury prevention! 

a sound nutrition plan can help:

*Maintain energy

*Improve recovery

*Prevent Injury

*Delay fatigue 

*Increase bone strength

*Separate you from your competition

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Working with athletes and parents of athletes I realized that there is a HUGE knowledge gap between what athletes are eating and how they should be fueling.  I created this course with the intention of answering some of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients. This course is meant to be a launch pad of sound research for sport nutrition. The course has 15+ modules (lessons) with additional resources to help you develop your nutrition knowledge.​

So... you have stuck with me this far. Let me tell you what is included.


Once you register for the course, you will create an account with Practice Better (my online portal). When the course is launched January 4th you will have full access to all of the lessons. You will have 6 months to work through the program. With hours of content, you will want to take your time on each module. This gives you enough time to implement each concept before moving to the next.


***BONUS**** If you register before January 1st you will receive a one week sample meal plan and a meal planning template.

Your course will kick off with a "Peak Performance Welcome!" module that walks your through the course format. Then you will have access to more than a dozen videos where Stephanie MS, RD, CSSD answers some of the most frequently asked questions related to sports nutrition from her clients.

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