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Does this sounds like you?

"I don't have energy during practice"

"How can I eat at school when I have no time?"

"I am always hungry!"

"I need to gain weight, but I hate being full all of the time"

"Why am I sore all of the time?"

"I know I need carbs, but I don't want to gain weight!"

"After training I am not hungry"

"It feels like I am always recovering from an injury."

If it does, you are not alone!

This was me too! As an athlete you are different and have very individualized fueling needs. Hearing "Just eat more" to gain weight or "eat a snack" when you are hungry from someone "trying" to help is not helpful at all!

Through my Fueling Performance program I empower athletes to feel confident in their food choices. When you understand what foods are the key to fueling your success you are able to play at your best.

How do I help you succeed?

I designed this program to help you learn how to energize your workouts, improve your recovery, and set yourself apart from your competition. We will work together to add structure to your fueling plan and focus on being consistent with your food choices. Each week we will create steps to help you reach your strength, body composition, and performance goals.

Fueling Performance Coaching Program


Individual Sessions

Biweekly video sessions

Think through some of your challenges, successes, and how to fuel around your training sessions to reach your goals.

Messaging Support

You have your very own sports dietitian in your back pocket anytime you have a question! You can send me a message with a picture of snacks or menu and we can chat about your best options. I'm here for you.

Individualized Fueling Plan


Every athlete is different! Creating an individualized fueling plan to fit your goals is the key to your success. You will learn how to design your plate based around Easy, Moderate, and Hard training days.

How I help you fuel for success...
Are you ready to start fueling your performance with a balanced nutrition plan?
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