Work with Stephanie

If you find it challenging to keep up at practice, if your body is feeling sore and taking longer to recover, or if you are having difficulty fueling with strict school schedules, I am here to help. We will create a plan together that will help you improve your energy and recovery, strategically time your fuel around your workouts, and give you confidence to consistently choose foods to fuel your body.

Have you ever thought?

  • I don't have time to eat at school

  • I am always tired during classes

  • I can't recover between workouts

  • Why am I not meeting my body composition goals?

  • I want to be stronger or have more endurance

  • Why am I always hurt or sick?

  • How can I manage my special diet (allergies, plant based, etc)?

If you have, its okay!

It is just a sign you may need some extra support to fuel your performance.

About the Fueling Program

I work with high school athletes and their parents to create an individualized nutrition plan that will help energize their workouts, improve their recovery, and set them apart from their competition.

Together, we will create a sustainable fueling plan that incorporates the things you love while infusing nutrient packed foods along the way! We will utilize all foods as fuel to help you succeed. When you finish this program you will improve your relationship with food, understand the importance of nutrient timing, and have confidence when choosing foods to fuel your body.

How I help you fuel for success...

Individual Sessions

We will meet 1:1 during your video sessions and think through some of your challenges, successes, and how to fuel you to reach your goals.

24 hour support

You have your very own sports dietitian in your back pocket anytime you have a question! You can send me a picture of snacks or menu and we can chat about your best options. I'm here for you.

Are you ready to start fueling your performance with a balanced nutrition plan?

Individualized Meal Guide

When you start your program you will receive an individualized meal guide to help your fuel your day. You will learn how to design your plate based around Easy, Moderate, and Hard training days.

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