Athletes are doing everything they can to improve their performance.

What makes them successful is having a plan that balances their training and fuel.

Summer Fueling Performance Group Coaching

Starts June 8th

"Having a fueling plan has made the biggest difference in my energy. Even my coach noticed!"

Rockstar Volleyball Player

Fueling Performance Client

You love your sport and are committed to your team and your training. But your schedule is full. How can you keep your energy up week after week, season after season?

You always push yourself to play at your best, and go full out!

Feeling tired after one practice is normal, feeling drained after another and having no energy by the end of the week is a set back for an athlete.

Then you have to think about school work, friends, spending time with family, and maybe working with a strength coach. 

With all that is going on, nutrition may not be your focus, it may even fall to the side.

Soccer Practice


It's not possible to keep training without it.

Lacrosse Team


Be your best at practice and have energy to finish strong.


You know what it takes to be a competitive athlete. Commitment, consistency, and focus.


How can you separate from your competition? How can you set yourself apart and reach a higher level of performance?


I know nutrition is something you think about.

You may have wanted to focus on your fuel for a while, but just don't know where to start. 

You aren't alone.

After working with athletes for over 5 years, I have seen the things that make the difference in your performance

   3 things are key__

Playing Soccer


You put in the work. You know every minute on the field, every touch, every drill will improve your skill.

Granola Yogurt


How you fuel supports all aspects of your sport. Your energy, power, strength, endurance, and recovery.

Warm Up on the Beach


Giving your body the treatment, relaxation, or gentle training it needs to come back at its best.

Maybe you have tried to focus on all three, but your busy schedule has put nutrition in the back seat.

Now is your time to focus on your fuel.

Playing Volleyball

Building a fueling plan that works for you can be confusing. Those one size fits all options you may find online just don't cut it. You are unique and the way you fuel is unique too!

There is nothing I love more than helping athletes focus on their fuel.


After working with athletes for over 5 years I am confident the best approach to helping you to adapt your fueling plan is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to be confident in how you fuel.


  Summer Group Program  

What better time to focus on your fuel than during the summer.


You will have more time to learn and will have a solid plan by the fall season.

This 10-week program gives you the tools and support you need to develop your fueling plan and to improve your game. 

This is an inclusive group program for you to build your confidence with nutrition, work with a sports dietitian, and to connect and learn from other athletes over 10 weeks.

Build your fueling plan step by step

Let's see the weekly breakdown...


What is a fueling plan?

Performance nutrition is more than just calories. The first step in building your fueling plan is understanding what your current challenges are. Is it fueling for practice? Managing fuel with you schedule? This week we are going to dive deep into your barriers to start creating solutions. 


Building a strong plate.

Every day, every meal, every bite is an opportunity to fuel and move closer to your goals.

I give you the breakdown of what your performance plate should look like and how you can adapt your plate to your unique goals and training schedule.


Fuel your fire with carbohydrates.

You wouldn't start a road trip with an empty fuel tank, so don't force your muscles to run on 'E' either. 

Carbohydrates should be the foundation to your fueling plan. This week we are going to focus on the types and timing of carbs to energize your training.


Recover like a champ with protein.

Yes, as an athlete your body needs a lot of protein to help you grow, develop, and strengthen your muscles. But, do you need as much as you think?

We will chat about calculating your protein needs and the importance of protein timing.


Adding color to your plate.

Are you a picky eater? Maybe vegetables aren't you favorite. Fruits and vegetables are important for an athlete. 

I will share all of my tips for sneaking in vegetables and adding color to your plate to support your training and recovery.


Pre workout fuel.

When and what you eat before training is important. Have the right fuel in your tank will help you push through to the end of practice or our work your competition in the final minutes of a game.

This week we will talk all about the phases of pre training fuel and create a plan for your schedule.


Eating during training and fueling for recovery.

One of the biggest mistakes I see athletes making is forcing their bodies to work without fuel. 


There are times when you need to eat during practice or between games at a tournament to keep your energy up. It is also important to have a recovery plan! How are you going to fuel your muscles to make them stronger!



How much water do you need? When do you need it? And what is an electrolyte?

Staying hydrated is so much more than drinking when you are thirsty. I will share my best tips for calculating your water needs and drinking during the day.


Essential nutrients.

You are a growing and developing, very active athlete. There are some nutrients that are very important!

This week we are going to talk about balancing your vitamins and minerals to strengthen your bones and support your performance.


Supplements. What is safe and what is helpful?

The world of sports supplements is crazy. 

Some supplements are helpful and others are not as great as you would think. I am going to share how to safety check your supplement and understand what supplements are right for you!


Get 10 weeks of support, training, and feedback to

build your fueling plan.

Starts June 8th


Before we dive into all things performance nutrition you will have a 1:1 welcome call with me to talk about your sport, goals, and how I can best get you what you need over the next 10 weeks.




Every morning you will receive a short video sent directly to your phone to help you set a goal for the day and build your fueling plan.


On this weekly video call you will be able to ask your questions, have them answered, and set you fueling goal for the week.


You can submit your questions early or ask them in front of the whole group. This call will also be recorded for you to go back and listen to anything you may have missed!


What is a life without a team? This is where the benefit of a group program is! You will learn from other athletes and hear them ask questions you may not have thought of. 

You will learn from their experiences or share your own tips for success when fueling!


I want you to get the most out of this program! We will have several bonus calls that will include: A call specifically for parents & family, a grocery tour, and guest speakers such as a physical therapist to talk about injury prevention and college coaches sharing their best tips to play at a higher level.


On top of all of that! You will have access to the videos, workbooks, check lists, and resources all through an online portal or app on your phone.






The Fueling Performance Group Program

1:1 Welcome call

Daily videos straight to your phone

Weekly Live Q&A sessions

Weekly goals, tools, and resources

Bonus calls with sports & performance professionals

Community of athletes




The Fueling Performance Group Program

1:1 Welcome call

Daily videos straight to your phone

Weekly Live Q&A sessions

Weekly goals, tools, and resources

Bonus calls with sports & performance professionals

Community of athletes

Questions athletes and parents ask before joining...


How long will I have access to the videos and recordings?

You will have access to the recordings throughout the entire program! On the last day you will still be able to see the videos from day one.

Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely! I know that smaller payments may work best for you. Simply select the payment plan option when you register.

Note: By paying in full, you can save 12%. So if this method works better. Choose that.

How do sessions work?

All sessions will run through an online portal which is also an app that you can put on your phone! Once you are logged in you can see all of our scheduled calls and can easily join the Zoom with a simple click.

Sessions are open, you can ask any questions you have. You do not have to stick to the topic for the week. I understand that you may not like asking questions in front of a group to start, you will be able to send me your questions before the call for me to answer live.

If I miss a session can I watch it again?

If you aren't able to make a call. No worries! Pre submit your questions and the go back and listen to the recording when you have more time.

Have questions?

Click below to get in contact with me.