Fueling your body and training one bite at a time.


"Having a fueling plan has made the biggest difference in my energy. Even my coach noticed!"

Rockstar Volleyball Player
Fueling Performance Academy Client

The Fueling Performance Academy is a place where high school and college athletes learn and build their confidence in nutrition to energize their training, support their growth, and crush their performance goals.

Be your best at practice and have energy to finish strong.

You know what it takes to be a competitive athlete. Commitment, consistency, and focus.

How can you separate from your competition? How can you set yourself apart and reach a higher level of performance?

I know nutrition is something you think about.

You may have wanted to focus on your fuel for a while, but just don't know where to start. 

You aren't alone.

What is Performance Nutrition?

Performance nutrition is so much more than calories. It is more than macros and weighing your food. Performance nutrition is about giving your body the energy and building blocks it needs to be successful.

How does having a nutrition plan help with under-fueling?

Under-fueling is when you are not eating enough to support your body and your training. If you are experiencing any of these under-fueling signs, then it is time to focus on your fuel!


I get it! Life happens and many days it can be hard to reach your nutrition goals. That is where having a plan comes in. In the FPA I will teach you how to fuel and develop your confidence in energizing your body.

My mission is to empower athletes just like you, to fuel their bodies, their minds, and performance

through the Fueling Performance Academy

The FPA was designed to help athletes...

  • Fuel their bodies to perform at their best

  • Overcome the cycle of under-fueling, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport symptoms or the Female Athlete Triad

  • Build their confidence in nutrition and fueling timing

It's time to put an end to under-fueling

The foundations for your success


Understanding the energy sources that are essential to your success. 


Building a strong plate is the cornerstone to a fueling plan.


Learn how to snack and add energy to your day to fuel your training and health.


Fueling plans should never be boring. You will always enjoy your favorite foods!


To challenges, thoughts, and goals! Small changes make big waves!

Fueling your body and training one bite at a time.

1:1 Sessions

During each of your individual sessions we will work together to build your nutrition knowledge, create solutions to challenges, and design your fueling plan for upcoming trainings, games, or tournament weekends.

Weekly checkins

Between sessions I always check in to answer your questions and to make sure you have everything you need to crush your goals for the week.

Messaging Support

One of the best parts of the FPA is the personalized app and online platform that allows you to reach out anytime. It's like having a sports dietitian in your back pocket!


I will be there with you every step of the way to share handouts, tools, and videos, help you review and build on your food journals, and to help you learn and build your confidence in nutrition!

Questions athletes and parents ask before joining...


Can we schedule a quick call to meet you before joining?
Of course! I actually schedule a consult call with all athletes before joining the FPA. It helps us get to know each other while I can learn about your goals and nutrition challenges.

How do sessions work?
All sessions will run through an online portal which is also a personalized app that you can put on your phone! Once you are logged in you can see all of our scheduled calls and can easily join with a simple click.

What do you cover in the FPA?

Commons areas I cover with athletes...

Fueling for Performance

Improving relationship with food

Building & Strengthening Muscle

Eating for Recovery

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Supplement Usage & Recommendations


Under- fueling / Female Athlete Triad / RED-S

Eating on the Road

Plant Based Athletes

Game Day & Tournament Fueling

Every athlete is unique in what they need and their goals. I do not believe in a one size fits all plan, so each session we cover the most relevant and helpful topics for you!

Are you ready to focus on your nutrition?

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