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Are you ready to improve your energy and recovery, strategically time your fuel around your workouts, and take your game to the next level?


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My Fueling Peak Performance coaching program is designed to help athletes create individualized nutrition  plans that will help energize their workouts, improve their recovery, and set them apart from their competition.

We’ll work together to design a fueling plan that will allow you to not only energize your workouts, but help you reach your strength and performance goals. All sessions are held virtually.

My Fueling Peak Performance program is for you if you’re serious about reaching your goals and are willing to put in the effort required to get there!

Fueling Peak Performance Program


Individual Sessions

Biweekly video sessions

Think through some of your challenges, successes, and how to fuel around your training sessions to reach your goals.

Messaging Support

You have your very own sports dietitian in your back pocket anytime you have a question! You can send me a message with a picture of snacks or menu and we can chat about your best options. I'm here for you.

Individualized Meal Guide


When you start your program you will receive an individualized meal guide to help your fuel your day. You will learn how to design your plate based around Easy, Moderate, and Hard training days.

How I help you fuel for success...
Are you ready to start fueling your performance with a balanced nutrition plan?




Learn with other Athletes

This 4 week online group coaching program is designed to help you​ understand the basics of performance nutrition.

In this program you will learn ​about key nutrients, fuel timing, and how to nutrition a priority for your performance.

What is included in this group...

Online Lessons

When you sign up, you’ll get access to your client portal with weekly video lessons teaching you the basics of fueling your performance

Group Calls


Every week we will have two group video calls, where you can meet and learn from other athletes. You can ask questions, share successes and update the group on your progress.

Weekly Challenges

Each week I will share a nutrition challenge for you to work towards. Small changes every day, that is how we create lasting nutrition habits!

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If you want the competitive edge over your competition you need to focus on nutrition.

If you are a competitive athlete and are serious about taking your game to the next level by energizing your training, optimizing recovery, and fueling your performance goals please take a moment to fill out my short application and schedule your FREE discovery call to learn more.

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