If you want the competitive edge over your competition,

you need to focus on nutrition.

If you are a competitive athlete and are serious about taking your game to the next level by energizing your training, optimizing recovery, and fueling your performance goals apply to my Fueling Preformance program and schedule your free Intro call using the calendar below!

Please use the calendar below to apply and schedule your free 20 minute introduction call.

Why a call?

This call allows me to get to know you and learn about your goals.

I am looking forward to our call!


How do I help you succeed?

Fueling Performance coaching program

I designed this program to help you learn how to energize your workouts, improve your recovery, and set yourself apart from your competition. During your first few sessions we will add structure to your fueling plan and focus on being consistent with your food choices. Over the next three months, each week we will create steps to help you reach your strength, body composition, and performance goals.

How I help you fuel for success...

Individual Sessions

Biweekly video sessions

Think through some of your challenges, successes, and how to fuel around your schedule to reach your goals.

Messaging Support

You have your very own sports dietitian in your back pocket! Any time you have a question, I am there to answer it! 

Individualized Meal Guide


We will work together to create an individualized meal guide to help you fuel your day. You will learn how to design your plate based around Easy, Moderate, and Hard training days.